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From Former Theater Colleagues:

"I had the privilege of getting to know Sharada Rao during her work with Red Eye Gravy Theatre Company in Washington, DC. The entire cast and creative staff were impressed with - and enjoyed - her natural grace in dealing with a diverse collection of artists. Her intelligence, her wit, and her maturity were brought to bear on all aspects of the production that she touched. Perhaps more important: she was a good sport throughout, and treated all of her colleagues with respect and, when required, with patience.  I am quite certain that anyone who works with her will want to do so again and again. Any production or company that engages her will count themselves fortunate, as I do."

-Steve Beall, Washington DC area actor

"Working with Ms. Glickman during the Tantallon Community Players production of "Guys and Dolls", Sharada demonstrated a level of proficiency as a musician that was unparalleled.  A stand out performance every night, Sharada's abilities and musical prowess was unmatched in the orchestra pit and her professionalism and welcoming personality made working with her such a wonderful experience.  If you need a one of the best, look no further."  ~ Z. Kekuewa, PBC Vocal Band

"I met Sharada Glickman while we were performing in the pit orchestra for Guys and Dolls (Tantallon Community Players). It was my first time participating in a pit orchestra. I wasn't even in college yet, but she became my inspiration to be a professional pit musician. Her sound (especially on soprano saxophone) and character I will never forget as she still inspires me now to be a phenomenal teacher, friend, and musician. I am forever grateful!"  ~ Renee Banks,Woodwind Doubler

From a Former Student's Parent:

"As a parent and a teacher, I have to admit that I am hard to please. When my son wanted to take sax lessons, I just assumed that we would have to go through a few teachers before we found the right fit. I am glad to say that I was wrong. Sharada is that one in a million teacher. She is kind, funny and motivating. She also knows how to keep her students on task. She has high standards and she makes sure that her "kids" know that she expects the best from them. I really believe that Sharada gave Josh an amazing foundation. He became a well rounded musician and to this day he still has a love of music. There is no denying that Sharada is a wonderful music teacher, but she is also an exceptional role model. That combination makes her a very rare find indeed!"

-Peggy Robbins Janousky, Freelance Children's Writer

From Former Students:

"Sharada was hands down one of my all time favorite sax teachers.She was a lot of fun, but made sure we got down to business. I learned so much from her and it really showed when I played with other sax players. I would easily recommend her to anyone wanting to learn how to play the sax, or to improve themselves"

-Josh Janousky, Wizard at Just Joshin Magic

"I remember taking saxophone lessons with Sharada a long time ago when I was first starting to play. I might not remember every detail she taught me fifteen years ago, but I do remember that she was great with kids and that I loved going to every lesson. It was a pretty sad day when I found out that I couldn’t continue taking lessons with her due to relocation. I am really glad I recently reconnected with Sharada because she really inspired me to play saxophone through high school, college, and to this day. I would definitely recommend anyone to take her classes, you will learn a lot.. while gaining a friend and mentor. It’s true that you remember good teachers for life!"

-Igor Borisov, Graduate Student

"I credit my lessons with Sharada for what transformed from a person who can simply play an instrument to a true musician. Even though I had only been playing the saxophone for a few months prior, once I started lessons with her, I progressed at a rate much faster than I could have ever imagined. Sharada not only demonstrated and conveyed impeccable technique on the saxophone, she always integrated broader concepts of musicality and theory into each session. With a wide range of drills and technique-building exercises and a deep knowledge of saxophone repertoire, she is the perfect teacher for any level of student and will help you grow from a novice to a seasoned saxophonist."

-Katie Marcotte, Woodwind Doubler

"I took private lessons from Sharada for 5 years while playing saxophone in my elementary, middle, and high school bands. With her guidance, I was able to audition for and participate in several county and state level bands as well as occupy the first chair of my school's wind ensemble every year. In each of our weekly sessions, Sharada motivated me to become the best saxophonist I could be while teaching me useful skills that I still use today in my daily interactions. She acted not only as a saxophone instructor, but also as a role model I could look up to in the music community. If you are looking for an instructor that is both personable and knowledgable, I can't recommend Sharada enough."

-James Wang, Undergraduate Student

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